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Welcome to POP-KIE’S Gourmet Popcorn online store. We are pleased to have you as a guest! We invite you to browse our site and see what our world of popcorn has to offer.

We feature over 60 unique flavors of popcorn made fresh daily in our storefront located in beautiful downtown Traverse City, Michigan.

Join our growing legion of customers who have discovered our famous “Front Street Blend”, our version of the addictive combination of caramel corn and cheddar corn commonly referred to as “Chicago-style” popcorn.

Others can not get enough of flavors like Cherry Capital Crunch, Kettle corn, Chocolate Explosion and even Dill Pickle! Ordering is fast and easy.

Visit our online store, make your selections and leave the “popping” to us! If you are just visiting, enjoy your stay and come again soon! Remember: for unique, delicious and always fresh popcorn choose POP-KIE’S!

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